Audio Cocoa – Two Truths and a Lie Episode 8

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Three uplifting stories to warm you up by the fire. Caron Clancey escapes from a will-they-won’t-they RomCom. Joe Levi saves the farm in Fancy Dress. And Katy Dolle stops a bully, and starts a movement. 

Caron Clancey is a comedian and writer who works for College Humor. You can find more of her work at her website,

Joe Levi is the frontman of the band The Village Fate, and you can watch them play live at The Redwood in DTLA on November 7th. For more dates, you can find them on Facebook at The Village Fate.

Katy Dolle is an actress, comedian and filmmaker who you can find on twitter @KatyDolle, where you can find out all about her film projects and comedy shows. And whether or not she was actually a part of it, the Dance Free Movement is a real thing, and you can find out more about this powerful project at