Family Folklore – Two Truths and a Lie Episode 9

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Our families teach us everything we know, and what we learn from our parents becomes a part of our stories as well. The teach us to eat everything on our plate, no matter what, just like Trent Bruce‘s mom. They teach us that intimacy is ideally a private affair – and hopefully, it includes soundproofing, as Erin McGown found out. And they teach us that honesty is always the best policy, unless you’re trying to get into Disneyland, as Taylor Mallory’s family knows too well. Take a listen, and then thank your parents. 

Erin McGown is a writer and comedian who loves to tell stories everywhere that will let her. She has won and performed at the Moth Storytelling competition in Los Angeles many times, and will continue to tell stories until she runs out of them, which will be never. Upcoming performances are with her musical comedy duo at the Funny Women Fest at iO West on December 4th, and with her Bluegrass Band, The Dixieland Family Band, at UCB Sunset on December 12th and 19th.

Taylor Mallory is a writer and actress, currently working in the writers room of the upcoming ABC Family series Shadowhunters, premiering January 12th.