Science! – Two Truths and a Lie Episode 12

Give your left brain a spin for once. Kelsey Vo Bailey lets her biggest fear get under her macro lens, and then under her skin. Angela Robertson finds she\’s not so cool when faced with a dead body. And Mat Kaplan comes face to face with Luke Skywalker himself. 

Kelsey Vo Bailey is a specimen photographer who works for the Natural History Museum’s Entomology Department. She also works on the department’s BioScan Project, the world’s largest urban biodiversity study. You can check out her macro shots of bugs and other tiny things at

Angela Robertson is a nurse and veteran who recently moved to Los Angeles from Ohio. 

Mat Kaplan hosts and produces Planetary Radio for the Planetary Society and his boss, Bill Nye the Science Guy.  The weekly half-hour about space exploration is aired by 140 public stations across North America and beyond, while the podcast is tops in iTunes, Soundcloud, iHeartRadio, Stitcher and on the Society’s own website at  Mat also hosts a series of live science events for KPCC called NEXT: People|Science|Tomorrow.